About Us

For over 20 years, our firm has worked with our clients to create wealth strategies that have allowed our clients to achieve their goals. Those goals include among others, protecting and growing their wealth, providing income to maintain their lifestyles during retirement years, putting structures in place to efficiently pass on wealth to the next generation or to achieve philanthropic goals.

While we partner with the leading global financial services firms to execute trades, provide custodial services and cutting-edge technology, our independent employee ownership structure allows us to be free from conflicts in the service of our clients. We offer a broad range of investment and wealth management services, while providing the highest level of service to meet our clients’ objectives.

Our Clients

We work with a range of clients, including mid-career professionals entering their peak earning years and still building wealth, as well as those currently in or nearing retirement, with more complex needs. In addition to professionals, we work with small business owners, foundations, endowments, irrevocable trusts, and individuals who have received an inheritance or settlement.

The process to become a client at Fernwood is both selective and collaborative. We will seek to learn the relevant facts about a prospective client during initial consultations, while communicating the firm’s capabilities and processes in detail. When both parties have developed a certain level of comfort and trust, then we know there is a high likelihood of a long-term positive outcome. We have found this process to be invaluable over time, leading to a relatively small number of new clients each year, but with very low turnover and many long-term client relationships.

Fernwood proudly supports Impact Melanoma, Michael D. Reilly Scholarship Fund, AstraZeneca Hope Lodge Center of Boston, and Father Bill's Place.

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